Pearson Innovation - Innovation Consultants

We create value using design thinking and process to help individuals, companies, organisations and governments to define and exploit new ideas and opportunities. Mike Pearson - Founder of Pearson Innovation - Innovation Consultants

■ Pearson Innovation was formed in 2008 by Mike Pearson, building on the 25 year success of his leading international healthcare consultancy Pearson Matthews. Through Pearson Innovation Mike Pearson offers a highly effective innovation consultancy service to government departments, policy makers, researchers and industry. He uses design thinking and process to create value, helping define and exploit new ideas and opportunities.

■ Specific areas of expertise are; wellness, social networks in health and new technology, especially in the areas of diagnostics and communications. Mike has built links to many leading healthcare organisations, and to leading health thinkers and policy makers. He has funded ground breaking research looking at ways we communicate in health called 'Circles of Care' and through his work with the Department of Health is exploring the way policy makers and industry can work together more effectively.

■ Mike is a highly creative original thinker who quickly grasps the complexities before offering innovative insights that will change your perceptions. He has an extensive technical knowledge, an understanding of the science behind many healthcare technologies and insights into the typical patient/clinical pathways followed. He is a visionary with extensive views on the way healthcare may evolve over the next 20 years.

■ To understand the history and experience on which Pearson Innovation is based, please follow the link to the former Pearson Matthews website above.

The link below takes you to Mike's blog, series of articles written under the banner 'Another Way To Look At This Is'.