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We create value using design thinking and process to help individuals, companies, organisations and governments to define and exploit new ideas and opportunities. Mike Pearson - Founder of Pearson Innovation - Innovation Consultants



Mike Pearson has been responsible for the development of some of the most innovative rule changing healthcare products for over 25 years. He has managed to consistently create novel breakthrough projects, generate unique ideas and concepts that win awards, produce thinking that changes government policy and stretch the perceptions of those around him. He is highly creative innovative thinker who combines this with breadth of experience to unerringly pinpoint where innovation can make a real difference.

But this creativity is set against a unique context. Mike is equally knowledgeable about practical issues, having a vast knowledge and experience of medical and general technology matters. This has been built over 25 years as has carried out thousands of consultancy projects across the entire spectrum of healthcare from products to services, from drug eluting stents to over-the-counter analgesics.

And there is a further dimension. Mike successfully built a multi-million turnover consultancy business and has shown he is able to profitably manage and control teams of more than 25 development staff. He has a strong track record in deal making and understands the challenges of working with start-ups, spin-outs and early stage technology companies.

Mike is now looking for the next challenge. Whilst continuing to consult to the National Physical Laboratory and the Department of Health he is now willing to commit a few days per month to work with early stage technology companies in the healthcare and life-sciences arena, possibly in a non-executive directorship role.
Suitable companies will be those who wish to benefit from both his board level experience and his ability to guide critical early development steps that set the direction as technologies transition from bench to market. Mike is happy to work with very early stage University spin-outs or academic driven projects where the academic sees their role diminishing over time or where they wish to remain in academia.

Mike will consider investment opportunities but is more likely to discuss deliverable triggered share options.
The list reproduced below is intended to provide an idea of the range of companies Mike has worked with, Glaxo, J&J, Ethicon, DePuy, Boots, Biocompatibles, Oxoid, Hypoguard, Fertel, Unipath, Unilever, Intercytex, Cozart, Orion Diagnostics, KCI, Nikon, Sanofi Aventis, Bard, Powderject.