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Cross section through filling manifold
Functional prototyping
Proof on concept rig
Working prototype modelling
Pre-clinical prototypes
Radio opaque maker mixed with adhesive
Mixing manifold
Adhesive container and mixing device
Full working prototype set


Sterilisation, as it involves cutting and stitching, is currently a clinical procedure carried out in a sterile environment. Chiroxia were developing a new non-invasive procedure with the advantage that it could be carried out quicker and cheaper in a non-sterile doctor´s office environment.


Our starting point was to understand the anatomical problems; this sterilisation method would be delivered through the uterus with the surgeon guiding the equipment by endoscope. We started experimenting with pig fallopian tubes to get a feel for the instrumentation needed. Actual sterilisation was achieved by delivering a plug of cement a short distance into the proximal end of the fallopian tube, for which we needed ways to very accurately and automatically place the desired volume of

cement. As is normal practice, scenarios were produced exploring the limitation placed on the procedure by the environment and facilities that would typically be available.


We developed a simple disposable device that could be guided through the uterus and could deliver metered volumes of the cement to both fallopian tubes. We liaised with suppliers, produced a full manufacturing definition and built prototype working units for testing and trials.


We were able to advance the project from concept to working devices through the use of clever design, our understanding of technology and the use of extensive in-house prototyping.