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Unique desiccants cap
Unipath - Clearblue


We have worked on Clearblue pregnancy tests for twenty years, starting after the launch of the first version and throughout its growth to market leader. As the market matured so did the needs of users meaning every new generation required innovation and better insight to stay ahead.


Our aesthetic design was backed by manufacture of prototypes and laboratory testing of the rigs we had built. The design was taken to full manufacturing definition and handed over to toolmakers for manufacture.


Key innovation drivers for Clearblue are clarity of result, speed and prevention of errors caused by misuse. After working hard on the design to ensure clarity we built a wee-machine able to present the test stick to a urine stream at a variety of angles, speeds and temperatures. This way the effect of errors of use could be minimised.


Remaining in the leader product category gets harder as time passes. Effort increases dramatically as user needs and cost constraints become more onerous. But the continuity of our involvement over many years brought invaluable experience that helped ensure this product remains market leader.