Pearson Matthews - Innovation Consultants
Our History

1983-2000 Pearson Innovation Design Partnership

2000-2008 Pearson Innovation Ltd


• Built design innovation consultancy business to employ 30 staff with turnover of £2.5m and 20% profits.

• Opened US office in Cleveland Ohio

• Worked with major international healthcare brands providing medical device design and development expertise to Johnson & Johnson, 3M, KCI, Boots, Unilever, Reckitt Benkiser, Inverness Medical, Nikon, Intercytex, Cozart and many more.

• Consulted to Unipath, part of Unilever for 15 years designing the devices that helped them build the world leading Clearblue brand.

• Took the Persona contraceptive system from initial concept through its entire development process to launch in 1997.

• Consulted in many areas of medical devices, from surgical implants and drug delivery systems to innovation for leading consumer healthcare brands such as Nurofen.

• Became an invited member of the select Associated Parliamentary Health Group (APHG).

• Built successful management team and managed all aspects of financial accounting and HR.

• Funded health related research project ‘Healthscape 2015’. Launched in 2003 with good press coverage it showed how to effectively focus on user needs within technical projects.

• Funded Helen Hamlyn Foundation Research project called ‘Circles of Care’ in 2005 to explore the delivery of healthcare into the space between our individual ‘circle of care’ and existing primary healthcare structures.

• Won the 2005 DBA and Helen Hamlyn Foundation ‘Design Challenge’ for inclusivity with ‘Clevername’.

• Asked to consult to the Department of Health R&D and NHS National Innovation Centre.

• Helped the Department of Health launch their i4i funding initiative alongside Lord Darzi.

• Developed ‘Memory Clinics’ concept which became government policy in December 2008.

• Faculty Member ‘Medical Futures’ 2007.

• Member ‘MATCH’ 2006-2008.

• Member ‘ISIS Innovation’ 2006-2007.

• Advisor to Kingston University ‘Design Thinking’ project 2008 and ongoing.

• 2008- Launched Pearson Innovation Ltd to use business and healthcare experience directly with clients.

• Exploring new technology for the National Physical Laboratory.

• Ongoing consultancy to the Department of Health and horizon scanning for NHS National Innovation Centre.

• Published article ‘Lost in Translation’ in the Guardian in November 2008 exploring the issues of technology transfer from universities.